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Food. Tuesday, 26 October 2010, 21:23
It would help maybe if I wrote this down where I can find it, instead of reconstructing it every time.

5/4 cup flour
3/4 cup corn meal
2 tsp baking powder

Mix the above together.

1 cup buttermilk
1/4 cup soybean oil
1/4 cup liquid egg

Mix the above together. Add to the dry mix; stir until moistened. Pour into greased cast iron skillet. Bake at 400°F for 18-22 minutes or until done.

That is, more or less, my grandmother's cornbread recipe. She'd be more likely to use corn oil, but soybean is what I've got. She'd also use an actual egg. I used whole wheat flour (again, what we have) and white corn meal; yellow and white taste the same to me.
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Football Part 2. Saturday, 23 October 2010, 19:48
There are probably still about 70,000 fans in Iowa standing in stunned disbelief.

So the next question: can Michigan State actually afford a loss? The Spartans are all alone unbeaten in the Big Ten Conference, with Purdue's 49-0 annihilation in Columbus and the bizarre ending in Iowa City. Ohio State still has only one league loss, as does Iowa, as does Wisconsin. Only Wisconsin's loss really helps the men in green, as it came in East Lansing. The Badgers have finished the OMG portion of their schedule; next month they will face the Indiana schools, take a trip to Michigan Stadium, and host Northwestern. 7-1 in the league seems likely at this point, but they would lose a two-team tiebreaker to the Spartans.

Wait. That actually makes some of what I said earlier incorrect.

Here's the situation: Iowa lost a nonconference game (at Arizona). If Iowa finishes tied for the Big Ten title with any combination of teams that did not all play one another (e.g., if Ohio State and Michigan State are involved) or were all level with one another (e.g., Iowa, Michigan State, and Wisconsin all 7-1), Iowa automatically loses the tiebreaker. But once that happens, the tiebreak system would start over with fewer teams. This means that if Iowa wins next week and then beats Ohio State, assuming Michigan State and Wisconsin win all their games in November, Michigan State would still go to the Rose Bowl. However, if Iowa wins next week and then loses to Ohio State (same assumptions), then it would go to the highest-ranked of the three.

Situation now then, following Wisconsin's win: Wisconsin is still in trouble, in that they need to go 7-1 and then they need help and a lot of it. The Badgers' only hope right now (barring major upsets, i.e., anyone I listed below Illinois this morning beating anyone I listed above Illinois this morning) would be for Iowa to defeat Michigan State, then lose to Ohio State. That would put the Badgers at 7-1 tied with Ohio State and Michigan State, who don't play one another, and ahead of 6-2 Iowa et al. Wisconsin would then need to be ranked ahead of both the Buckeyes and Spartans (likely in that scenario).

Situation now for Iowa: Iowa is in even more trouble than Wisconsin, because of that loss at Arizona. Iowa cannot win the Big Ten title without a major upset now, even if they beat both Michigan State and Ohio State. That combination would sent the Spartans to Pasadena.

Situation now for Ohio State: The Buckeyes are in less trouble than the Hawkeyes, but it's still not pretty. The Wisconsin scenario could also get the Buckeyes in, if the Ohio State name can carry them ahead of both the Spartans and Badgers in the final BCS rankings.

So. Michigan State is in the driver's seat in the conference, even should they lose to Iowa.

Of course, there is one more scenario that could send another team to Pasadena. That would see the highly-ranked Big Ten schools rooting for Oregon State in the Civil War, Nevada in their Thanksgiving Week game, Alabama in the Iron Bowl, Oklahoma State in Bedlam, ... and Michigan State in every game they play.

Situation now for Ohio State:
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Football. Saturday, 23 October 2010, 11:06
mood - awake

Before this morning's games kick off, a few thoughts on Big Ten football.

I feel at this point in the season, the conference's power rankings should look something like this:

  1. Michigan State
  2. Wisconsin
  3. Ohio State
  4. Iowa
  5. Illinois
  6. Penn State
  7. Michigan
  8. Purdue
  9. Northwestern
  10. Indiana
  11. Minnesota

Illinois will not win (a share of) the Big Ten title sitting at two losses, because the top four teams won't combine for eight losses in the league. They play each other five times, which would mean three losses to teams worse than Illinois (Illinois has no remaining games against the top four).

I said last week that the road to the Big Ten title goes through Kinnick Stadium. Here's why: look at the top three schools, their number of league losses so far, and their remaining games against the top 4 teams.

  1. Michigan State, 0 conference losses, game remaining at Iowa
  2. Wisconsin, 1 conference loss, game remaining at Iowa
  3. Ohio State, 1 conference loss, game remaining at Iowa

If Iowa can successfully defend their home field against all comers, the Hawkeyes will go to the Rose Bowl. Period. Iowa is also sitting on zero losses in the league, like Michigan State (and Purdue).

The Scenarios (which assume none of the top four loses another game outside Iowa City):

  • If Iowa wins all three games, Iowa goes to the Rose Bowl at 8-0.
  • If Iowa loses to Michigan State, Michigan State goes to the Rose Bowl at 8-0, unless the Spartans go to the BCS title game. In that case, the Rose Bowl would likely take the highest-ranked remaining Big Ten team, which would be the Hawkeyes if they beat both Ohio State and Wisconsin.
  • If Iowa loses to Ohio State but wins the other two, the Hawkeyes would lose out in a three-way tie at 7-1, and the higher-ranked of the Buckeyes and Spartans (likely Ohio State in that scenario) would go to the Rose Bowl.
  • If Iowa loses to Wisconsin but wins the other two, the same thing happens for a different reason, and the higher-ranked of the Spartans and Badgers (likely Wisconsin in that scenario) would go to the Rose Bowl.
Now, time for today's morning games to kick off.
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Watchin' My Cable TV Tuesday, 19 October 2010, 17:46

So ... I asked the TV last night to do a channel scan. This is what it found.

Channel Line UpCollapse )
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My Springfield-fu is weak. Saturday, 02 October 2010, 18:41

MacArthur Boulevard has an interchange with Interstate 72, making getting to Knights Action Park much easier.
The second-floor Kohl's space in White Oaks Mall is now some combination church and paintball field.
Route 29 now routes South Grand-Dirksen-Sangamon-Peoria, past the Fairgrounds, rather than on Clear Lake downtown.
Route 97 now terminates at 9th Street, rather than going out Clear Lake to I-72.
Capitol Avenue is bricked between 4th Street and 7th Street.
The SMTD has bus routes 13, 14, and 16.

None of this stuff did I know. It means I haven't spent nearly enough time in the capital lately. Of course, since the campground we used in town is closed (the RV Center is still there), I haven't spent the night in Springfield. It's been … yikes, 5 years? How sad.

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Ameren Monday, 20 September 2010, 09:09

When we moved to Champaign, Ameren had … issues with our billing. Specifically, we couldn't get an accurate meter reading, so we got a bill for zero electric usage that was due 17Sep10.

Today we got a new bill, for nearly $200.00. It is due 11Oct10.

I will not get paid until 15Oct10, as I only get paid once a month. So I have had two Ameren bills due in one pay period.

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How To Ride The Bus Sunday, 12 September 2010, 20:33

Here's a map of the area in question (click for full-size):

Google map annotated with CUMTD bus routes

I wish the Trip Planner was a bit easier to use to pull the full schedules, but alas it is not. Here's my spreadsheet: Lavender Brown.xlsx, named for the two routes most useful in getting from here to Parkland.

There are essentially four options in getting between here (Campbell and Queensway, mtd1611, not pictured off the north end of the map) and Parkland (Parkland College, mtd3534, far west end of the map):

  1. The Harris Transfer: between the Lavender at Bradley and Harris (mtd3421) and the Brown at Bradley and Harris (mtd3421)
  2. The McKinley Transfer: between the Lavender at Paula and McKinley (mtd6155) and the Brown or Grey at Bradley and McKinley (mtd7503)
  3. The Garden Hills Transfer: between the Lavender at Paula and Garden Hills (mtd6265) and the Grey at Williamsburg and Garden Hills (mtd3527)
  4. The Terminal Transfer (not pictured): between the Lavender at Illinois Terminal (mtd6462) and the Brown or Grey at Illinois Terminal (mtd7534 from Parkland, mtd6462 to Parkland)

The Harris Transfer is what I use most every morning in the Parkland-bound direction; the timing is usually quite good. I've used the McKinley Transfer a couple of times in the Home-bound direction; the walk is about 1700 feet. I have not used the Garden Hills Transfer, so I'm not sure about the walk; it should be less than 1300 feet, and the satellite photo shows a pedestrian crossing of the railroad tracks (which makes sense, as there is an elementary school north of Paula on Garden Hills).

The important thing is to check to see how your bus is running. The MTD makes this EASY with their STOPwatch service. Send an SMS message to "35890" where the first seven characters are the stop ID (e.g., mtd1611 for Campbell/Queensway); you can put in more text, but the server ignores is. The MTD will send a reply message with information about the next buses due at that stop. This is great if you want to check on how likely you are to make a particular transfer, or if you're still at home or at work and want to see when the bus is due to leave.

For the following table, I assumed a minumum of 8 minutes to make the McKinley Transfer. There were some Parkland-bound transfers to Brown there that were 7 minutes, but I note that the same transfers were then 1 minute at Harris. Though transfers at Harris in short time can be tricky, since the buses are at different corners of the intersection (and the Brown doesn't have a stop sign), I left all the zero-time transfers there. Use STOPwatch to see if the transfer is feasible.

To Parkland
Time Leaving
Best TransferTime to Make TransferTime Arriving
06:17McKinley10 minutes06:41
06:41Harris4 minutes07:05
07:08Terminal5 minutes07:56
07:15McKinley*19 minutes07:56
07:45Harris3 minutes08:10
08:46Harris3 minutes09:10
09:20Terminal2 minutes09:57
09:49Terminal0 minutes10:24
10:16Terminal3 minutes10:54
10:44Harris1 minutes11:06
11:14Harris1 minutes11:36
11:44Harris1 minutes12:06
12:14McKinley15 minutes12:54
12:44Harris1 minutes13:06
13:14Harris1 minutes13:36
13:44Harris1 minutes14:06
14:14Harris1 minutes14:36
14:44Harris1 minutes15:06
15:16Terminal9 minutes16:07
15:44Terminal8 minutes16:40
16:29Terminal9 minutes17:21
17:06Terminal0 minutes17:49
17:36McKinley12 minutes18:17
18:26Garden Hills14 minutes18:49

*The 07:15 departure is a special Lavender that serves Centennial High School; it stops at Bradley and McKinley.

From Parkland
First BusTime Leaving
Best TransferTime to Make TransferTime Arriving
Brown06:21Terminal17 minutes07:16
Grey06:45McKinley9 minutes07:16
Brown06:45Harris5 minutes07:16
Brown07:19Terminal4 minutes08:07
Grey07:45McKinley21 minutes08:31
Brown07:48Harris14 minutes08:31
Brown08:12Terminal11 minutes09:05
Grey08:26McKinley14 minutes09:05
Brown08:42Terminal11 minutes09:34
Grey08:58McKinley12 minutes09:34
Brown09:12Terminal15 minutes10:01
Grey09:28McKinley16 minutes10:01
Brown09:42Harris0 minutes10:01
Grey09:58McKinley14 minutes10:29
Brown10:12Terminal13 minutes10:59
Grey10:28McKinley14 minutes10:59
Brown10:42Terminal13 minutes11:29
Grey10:58McKinley14 minutes11:29
Brown11:12Terminal13 minutes11:59
Grey11:28McKinley14 minutes11:59
Brown11:42Terminal13 minutes12:29
Grey11:58McKinley14 minutes12:29
Brown12:12Terminal14 minutes13:00
Grey12:28McKinley15 minutes13:00
Brown12:42Terminal7 minutes13:29
Grey12:58McKinley8 minutes13:29
Brown13:12Terminal13 minutes13:59
Grey13:28McKinley14 minutes13:59
Brown13:48Terminal7 minutes14:29
Grey13:58McKinley14 minutes14:29
Brown14:06Harris4 minutes14:29
Grey14:28McKinley17 minutes15:02
Brown14:42Harris4 minutes15:12
Brown15:12Harris14 minutes15:43
Grey15:15McKinley13 minutes15:43
Brown15:42Harris13 minutes16:14
Grey15:50Garden Hills13 minutes16:14
Brown16:12Terminal20 minutes17:06
Grey16:15Terminal13 minutes17:06
Grey16:45Garden Hills10 minutes17:06
Brown16:53Terminal7 minutes17:36
Brown17:17Terminal18 minutes18:11
Grey17:21Terminal11 minutes18:11
Brown17:44Harris7 minutes18:11
Grey17:49Garden Hills11 minutes18:11
Brown18:07Harris11 minutes18:37

Any Grey routing showing the McKinley transfer can also be made on the Garden Hills transfer, with approximately 4 more minutes.

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My day hasn't even started yet ... Tuesday, 07 September 2010, 08:09

... and I feel drained.

It's the beginning of the week, and bam! I get hit with a long day, where I teach both my classes. Plus another trip to the LCSW after that; no subbing for me today. (Last time we saw her after I taught five hours straight.)

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This Division and That Division Saturday, 04 September 2010, 10:35

Those are the names the Daily Illini gave the Big Ten Conference's new football divisions.

They almost make geographic sense. If Wisconsin were in That Division and Northwestern in This Division, This Division would be the South.

If you want to honor the traditions of Big Ten football, it would not be unreasonable to name This Division the Woody Hayes Division and That Division the Bo Schembechler Division.

I do like the one protected interdivision rivalry. Penn State-Nebraska is one -- the two newbies -- as are Northwestern-Illinois and Michigan-Ohio State. Minnesota-Wisconsin leaves Iowa-Purdue and Michigan State-Indiana. I don't like that in 2011 and 2012, the rotation is the same: Michigan State's other interdivision games are Nebraska and Wisconsin both years; Michigan's are Nebraska and Illinois. (So Nebraska's are Michigan and Michigan State.) This means at best there will be two others in 2013 and 2014, which means every school in the league will avoid one conference opponent for at least those four straight years.

The conference may add a ninth league game in 2015. Let's hope so, and let's hope then the leage doubles the protected rivalries and plays the remaining two games in alternate years. I'm okay with only having the Spartans and Cornhuskers coming to Champaign every four years. But they should still play at least every other year.

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September Genius Friday, 03 September 2010, 19:37
mood - thoughtful

Wednesday night, I asked my iPhone to give me a Genius playlist, building on the letter S in September Grass.

I'm not sure if this is the playlist it came up with then, but I just asked for it again, and I got the following:

  1. September Grass (James Taylor, October Road)
  2. The Pretender (Jackson Browne, The Next Voice You Hear -- The Best of Jackson Browne)
  3. Will You Love Me Tomorrow? (Carole King, Tapestry)
  4. Jonas & Ezekial (Indigo Girls, Rites of Passage)
  5. The Goodbye Look (Donald Fagen, The Nightfly)
  6. And So It Goes (Billy Joel, Storm Front)
  7. April Come She Will (Simon & Garfunkel, Tales From New York)
  8. Border Song (Elton John, Greatest Hits)
  9. Another Day (James Taylor, Hourglass)
  10. I'd Really Love To See You Tonight (England Dan & John Ford Coley, Atlantic Hit Singles 1958-1977)
  11. Everyday (Phil Collins, Both Sides)
  12. Lives In The Balance (Jackson Browne, The Next Voice You Hear -- The Best of Jackson Browne)
  13. Snowbound (Donald Fagen, Kamakiriad)
  14. Two Thousand Years (Billy Joel, River Of Dreams)
  15. Galileo (Indigo Girls, Rites of Passage)
  16. On The Fourth Of July (James Taylor, October Road)
  17. So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright (Simon & Garfunkel, Tales From New York)
  18. You've Got A Friend (Carole King, Tapestry)
  19. I.G.Y. (Donald Fagen, The Nightfly)
  20. Levon (Elton John, Greatest Hits Volume II)
  21. The Downeaster "Alexa" (Billy Joel, Storm Front)
  22. Jane (Barenaked Ladies, Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits)
  23. Enough To Be On Your Way (James Taylor, Hourglass)
  24. Somebody's Baby (Jackson Browne, The Next Voice You Hear -- The Best of Jackson Browne)
  25. Love The One You're With (Stephen Stills, Atlantic Hit Singles 1958-1977)
It feels like there's a theme there, though I can't articulate what it is.
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Power Grid Ranger Edition Saturday, 14 August 2010, 19:35
mood - blank

So Ranger got out of his crate while we were gone and destroyed both boxes of our Power Grid game. It appears he didn't mess with any of the game components that were still on the table, just the ones that were on the floor (because our table is too small). The two power plant cards that took the most damage were the 01 and 02 from the new deck. Some of the other cards in the new deck have some teeth marks; I haven't separated the decks yet to see if the old deck took no damage. Black lost a couple houses. All five boards are fine, and all the commodity barrels are okay (since they were all in play in the Iberia game from earlier). One of the 50€ notes got ripped in half, but the money is totally irrelevant. The cards are the big deal.

He also tore up Jenni's pill case, which has Jenni freaked out. SHe's upset with herself because he destroyed the game, and she's worried about him because of the medication.

Ranger, on the other hand, is nonplussed. Head of steel, stomach of iron and all that.

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Power Grid Iberia. Saturday, 14 August 2010, 14:31

Played a solitare game with a heavy nuke-eco deck. Went to bed last night thinking the Moment Of Truth was at hand. I was right, though I was not expecting the end. Blue and Green got bid up to 65 by Black for power plants that would have gotten Black to 14 power. Yellow had been at 14 power for ages. Yellow blitzed from 9 to 13 cities; Black (getting an eco 4 for 37) ran out to 14 cities despite only powering 13, triggering Game End. Black won by $3, with $9 cash on hand to Yellow's $6.

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Recycling. Thursday, 12 August 2010, 01:11
mood - fatigued

It was all so much easier in Urbana. But we knew this.

I went tonight to the City of Champaign's Recycling Drop-Off. Let's ignore the wire coat hangers with cardboard tubes (like you'd get from the dry cleaners) I found in a containers bin. I'm going to try to explain The Rules, and there are conflicting accounts about what they are.

The facility is on Kenyon Road, the south frontage road for I-74, just east of Hagan Street. (For those of you who know where the old Meadow Gold facility was, that's the place. The City of Champaign is tearing down the Meadow Gold building.) In preparation for my trip, I went to the City of Champaign's web site and read the list of ACCEPTABLE MATERIALS (incorporated herein by reference).I noticed the following things that made me frown:

  • No Steel. They take aluminum containers and tin containers, but no steel containers. How sad, particularly as the packaging industry has been using and recycling more steel in the last 20 years than tin. (This is also reflected in the curbside ordinance §15-57 (incorporated herein by reference), which lists tin cans and aluminum cans but not steel.)
  • No 6-PolyStyrene or 7-Other plastic containers. Urbana would take 7 but not 6. I understand the "no polystyrene foam" rule.
  • Uh ... hmm. What's a milk carton? It's recyclable in Urbana, but is it a "beverage box"? It's not really paper, but it's not coded plastic either. I'd file it under paper (though in Naperville it was under "mixed containers"; Naperville's system was three-sort, while Urbana's was one-sort).
In the interest of not having to haul stuff back, and because I'm just not so much with the organized here anyway yet, I just took a bin of paper (which included a soymilk carton with a plastic lid).

Here's what I found on Kenyon Road:

The RulesCollapse )

So. According to the sign at the place, they accept all seven numbered categories of plastics (still no polystyrene foam, but extruded polystyrene cups should be okay), and all metal food containers (no more anti-steel discrimination). Though the sign also only lists "newspaper" and "cardboard", rather than all the paper types listed on the web site.

Oh, and I think I messed this part up, now that I think about it, because the web site clearly says the drop-off is two-sort, but these pictures say otherwise:

Three-SortCollapse )

So I shouldn't have put pressboard boxes in the "PAPER" bin. (Also, I note the bins all say ABC, who is our waste hauler here. I still want a copy of CPM's contract with them, because based on what dimplezusa reported, it sounds like it's in violation of §15-57 I cited earlier.)

So I still have no good answer on the soymilk carton (I think I put it in with the other containers), but I have some other answers.

It was all so much easier in Urbana. But we knew this.
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GIP. Wednesday, 11 August 2010, 12:32
mood - creative

Because I needed a Champaign icon.

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Ameren IP Wednesday, 11 August 2010, 10:13
mood - awake

I don't have a Champaign icon. I need to think about that.

I called Ameren to get my new account number. Success. m I attempted to add it to online access. Failure. The nice CSR on the phone (every CSR I have ever spoken with for a utility in Central Illinois has been nice) said there is a problem with the account related to meter issues. I said I knew they'd replaced the electric meter on Monday. She suggested waiting until Friday or next Monday for everything to be fixed in their computer system. Okay.

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Power Grid Benelux. Tuesday, 10 August 2010, 22:11

Played 2-player Power Grid on the Benelux map. Used the southern three regions, and built a deck with all the cards from the new (green-bordered) deck, plus all eight of the ecological plants from the original deck, then throwing out 16 random. I bought garbage the last turn; else it was coal, oil, and eco for both of us. Jenni was overpowered most of the game, while I was underpowered, but I still was better at expansion.

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I has a sad. Monday, 09 August 2010, 10:31

I look back at that day in May, when Jenni left to go to Japan. I was sad because I was alone, but I wasn't sad much, because I knew Jenni was embarking on an exciting adventure, following a long-held dream. She was excited, she was happy, and I was happy for her. I also knew that in less than 350 hours, I'd have her back in my arms again to love; she was going far away, but I knew she'd be back soon.

I think Jill leaving this morning is more sad. I've held together mostly, though tears started once I was on the 3N Lavender, pulling away from the station as Amtrak 390 was loading. We don't know when she might return.

I hope Jenni is there when I get home.

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The fashion statement: window treatments. Friday, 06 August 2010, 16:20

Scarlett O'Hara made a dress out of her drapes.
Carol Burnett mocked her by wearing the drapes complete with the curtain rod across her shoulders.
Ranger just opts for the blinds directly.

He ran into the bedroom, and he came back wearing the blinds from the window. That's all I saw; Jenni saw a bit more of the second-by-second description.

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Traffic. Wednesday, 04 August 2010, 17:18

I have figured out why the amount of vehicular traffic in front of our house is so distracting.

I haven't lived in a place where the front faced a through street in over 20 years.

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Another day, another trip to Lowe's. Sunday, 01 August 2010, 15:07

Today's need is an adapter for the dishwasher. Non-emergency, unlike yesterdsy.

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International settings Sunday, 01 August 2010, 09:57

I have figured out why my iPhone keeps using google.ca for web searches. It's an issue in the International settings.

International settings control several things: how dates are displayed, how times are displayed, and how phone numbers are displayed. Those are the ones they tell you about, anyway. The settings I would like to have would show the following sample:

Tuesday, 05 January 2010
(402) 555-1212
Since this is not the default encoding for my home country (United States), I needed to choose another package. Apple does not allow these to be set independently. Since I really need a country who uses the NANP (to get the phone numbers to format correctly at ten digits), I had chosen Canada. The date was at least in the order I wanted.

It turns out that this controls the default server for Google as well.

I've switched now to French Canada, which is at least giving me the leading 0 on times before 10:00. (I wonder if the Twitter app will still say things like 21:43 PM.) Yes, it means the dates are in French, but I can still read that. Though … today's date looks wrong. It says "dimanche 1 août", but correct French as I learned it would be "dimanche 1er août"; the ordinal is required for the first day of the month (and not allowed any other day).

So I guess I'm stuck with Canadian Google for a bit longer. If I decide I can tolerate phone numbers being formatted differently than the NANP would suggest, I'll switch to either United Kingdom (no leading zero before single-digit days) or South Africa (no comma after day of the week and no leading zero on times before 10:00).

EDIT: The LiveJournal app is now showing yesterday's posts as "31 juillet" for me, and this post on my journal as "01 août", though today's posts from my friends say "Today". Interesting that the app is giving me the leading zero, even when the phone's native apps won't.

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New House Emergency #1 Saturday, 31 July 2010, 19:22

Had to make a run to Lowe's to get new faucet handles so someone could finish her shower. The handles on the faucets were stripped to the point of powdery.

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New app Thursday, 29 July 2010, 07:06

So LiveJournal has a new official iPhone app. Maybe this one won't routinely double-post. The ability to view friends is nice, and may make me read LJ more again, if I'm not drowned by my more loquacious audience members on the small screen. *smile*

It appears it still won't autodetect music. Which seems silly, since it's an app for an iPod. Apple might not allow that, for some reason.

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

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Champaign redux Wednesday, 28 July 2010, 07:01

The last time I lived in Champaign was 1996. It did not go well.

Starting in about three hours, I'll try again.

Moving is a complex affair. It appears I'll need a truck this time. Hoping for that late Thursday into Friday. Need to vacate by Saturday noon (they say); need carpets cleaned before that.

Meanwhile, Dantzig. I gave a talk on him three years ago, in the class in which I learned what I am this week teaching.

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CUMTD to get piece of $500M pie Friday, 23 July 2010, 10:57
mood - pleased

Governor Quinn Bakes Pie at Ashland/63 Green Line Stop (that link may point elsewhere soon; I don't see a permanent link)

Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District
Install new pavement at Illinois multimodal terminal
Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District
Install facility upgrades

The pavement replacement was done last week or the week before, which means the CUMTD has probably already spent the money. Good that they are being reimbursed at least some of that cost. I don't know what the facility upgrades are, or whether they include the shelters on the south side of the I.T. or the restructuring of the Amtrak pedestrian bridge to permit 14-foot-high vehicles to pass underneath it.

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What you think she ought to be Wednesday, 21 July 2010, 06:39

Much as I know jennilee_rose detests country music, I cannot help but smile as I hear this song and think of her this morning. Italics mine for that third line; I wish I could print that on a foam beating stick and bop some people with it.

She kisses me each morning and smiles a sleepy smile
She don't have to say it; I can see it in her eyes
Don't you worry about my woman and what you think she ought to be
She's close enough to perfect for me

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Parkland Proud Monday, 19 July 2010, 14:35
Shop at the IGA, buy this stuff, and aid a Parkland College scholarship program.
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