Jason Elliot Benda (26376) wrote,
Jason Elliot Benda


I remember CBS ran a show called "Heartland", about which a big deal was made because it was supposedly the first prime time network TV show set in Nebraska. TV Guide had a piece at the time about the then-seven states which had not been so honored; this had to have been before 1990, because Alaska was on the list.

It's dismaying to try to reconstruct a list for the remaining states for three main reasons:
  1. TV? What's that? (I haven't watched first-run TV in seriously 15 years.)
  2. Where was that set? (Many shows I've seen, particularly but not limited to westerns and soap operas, I have no idea where they were set.)
  3. But that state's huge! (It's embarrassing when I can't, off the top of my head, come up with a show for a state with more than 15 electoral votes.)
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