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How To Ride The Bus

Here's a map of the area in question (click for full-size):

Google map annotated with CUMTD bus routes

I wish the Trip Planner was a bit easier to use to pull the full schedules, but alas it is not. Here's my spreadsheet: Lavender Brown.xlsx, named for the two routes most useful in getting from here to Parkland.

There are essentially four options in getting between here (Campbell and Queensway, mtd1611, not pictured off the north end of the map) and Parkland (Parkland College, mtd3534, far west end of the map):

  1. The Harris Transfer: between the Lavender at Bradley and Harris (mtd3421) and the Brown at Bradley and Harris (mtd3421)
  2. The McKinley Transfer: between the Lavender at Paula and McKinley (mtd6155) and the Brown or Grey at Bradley and McKinley (mtd7503)
  3. The Garden Hills Transfer: between the Lavender at Paula and Garden Hills (mtd6265) and the Grey at Williamsburg and Garden Hills (mtd3527)
  4. The Terminal Transfer (not pictured): between the Lavender at Illinois Terminal (mtd6462) and the Brown or Grey at Illinois Terminal (mtd7534 from Parkland, mtd6462 to Parkland)

The Harris Transfer is what I use most every morning in the Parkland-bound direction; the timing is usually quite good. I've used the McKinley Transfer a couple of times in the Home-bound direction; the walk is about 1700 feet. I have not used the Garden Hills Transfer, so I'm not sure about the walk; it should be less than 1300 feet, and the satellite photo shows a pedestrian crossing of the railroad tracks (which makes sense, as there is an elementary school north of Paula on Garden Hills).

The important thing is to check to see how your bus is running. The MTD makes this EASY with their STOPwatch service. Send an SMS message to "35890" where the first seven characters are the stop ID (e.g., mtd1611 for Campbell/Queensway); you can put in more text, but the server ignores is. The MTD will send a reply message with information about the next buses due at that stop. This is great if you want to check on how likely you are to make a particular transfer, or if you're still at home or at work and want to see when the bus is due to leave.

For the following table, I assumed a minumum of 8 minutes to make the McKinley Transfer. There were some Parkland-bound transfers to Brown there that were 7 minutes, but I note that the same transfers were then 1 minute at Harris. Though transfers at Harris in short time can be tricky, since the buses are at different corners of the intersection (and the Brown doesn't have a stop sign), I left all the zero-time transfers there. Use STOPwatch to see if the transfer is feasible.

To Parkland
Time Leaving
Best TransferTime to Make TransferTime Arriving
06:17McKinley10 minutes06:41
06:41Harris4 minutes07:05
07:08Terminal5 minutes07:56
07:15McKinley*19 minutes07:56
07:45Harris3 minutes08:10
08:46Harris3 minutes09:10
09:20Terminal2 minutes09:57
09:49Terminal0 minutes10:24
10:16Terminal3 minutes10:54
10:44Harris1 minutes11:06
11:14Harris1 minutes11:36
11:44Harris1 minutes12:06
12:14McKinley15 minutes12:54
12:44Harris1 minutes13:06
13:14Harris1 minutes13:36
13:44Harris1 minutes14:06
14:14Harris1 minutes14:36
14:44Harris1 minutes15:06
15:16Terminal9 minutes16:07
15:44Terminal8 minutes16:40
16:29Terminal9 minutes17:21
17:06Terminal0 minutes17:49
17:36McKinley12 minutes18:17
18:26Garden Hills14 minutes18:49

*The 07:15 departure is a special Lavender that serves Centennial High School; it stops at Bradley and McKinley.

From Parkland
First BusTime Leaving
Best TransferTime to Make TransferTime Arriving
Brown06:21Terminal17 minutes07:16
Grey06:45McKinley9 minutes07:16
Brown06:45Harris5 minutes07:16
Brown07:19Terminal4 minutes08:07
Grey07:45McKinley21 minutes08:31
Brown07:48Harris14 minutes08:31
Brown08:12Terminal11 minutes09:05
Grey08:26McKinley14 minutes09:05
Brown08:42Terminal11 minutes09:34
Grey08:58McKinley12 minutes09:34
Brown09:12Terminal15 minutes10:01
Grey09:28McKinley16 minutes10:01
Brown09:42Harris0 minutes10:01
Grey09:58McKinley14 minutes10:29
Brown10:12Terminal13 minutes10:59
Grey10:28McKinley14 minutes10:59
Brown10:42Terminal13 minutes11:29
Grey10:58McKinley14 minutes11:29
Brown11:12Terminal13 minutes11:59
Grey11:28McKinley14 minutes11:59
Brown11:42Terminal13 minutes12:29
Grey11:58McKinley14 minutes12:29
Brown12:12Terminal14 minutes13:00
Grey12:28McKinley15 minutes13:00
Brown12:42Terminal7 minutes13:29
Grey12:58McKinley8 minutes13:29
Brown13:12Terminal13 minutes13:59
Grey13:28McKinley14 minutes13:59
Brown13:48Terminal7 minutes14:29
Grey13:58McKinley14 minutes14:29
Brown14:06Harris4 minutes14:29
Grey14:28McKinley17 minutes15:02
Brown14:42Harris4 minutes15:12
Brown15:12Harris14 minutes15:43
Grey15:15McKinley13 minutes15:43
Brown15:42Harris13 minutes16:14
Grey15:50Garden Hills13 minutes16:14
Brown16:12Terminal20 minutes17:06
Grey16:15Terminal13 minutes17:06
Grey16:45Garden Hills10 minutes17:06
Brown16:53Terminal7 minutes17:36
Brown17:17Terminal18 minutes18:11
Grey17:21Terminal11 minutes18:11
Brown17:44Harris7 minutes18:11
Grey17:49Garden Hills11 minutes18:11
Brown18:07Harris11 minutes18:37

Any Grey routing showing the McKinley transfer can also be made on the Garden Hills transfer, with approximately 4 more minutes.

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